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The History of our Zamboni

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Back in October 2009, one of the board members said to me, "There is a propane zamboni on kijiji."  So we sent a friend from the area to go look at it.

His comments were, "It's not pretty but I think most of it is there." So Keith and I made arrangements to go see this thing. We got there and sure enough its not pretty, but most of it was there.

With a little work it ran, the hydraulics worked so we headed back to the valley wondering where we were going to get the funds to buy this thing.

With the suggestion from my wife, "Maybe we could get a sponsor to buy it," on the phone I got. The first call I made got us the funding. Now we needed a truck and trailer to go get this thing. Not only did Garnet donate the funds; he also supplied us with a truck & trailer to go get the zamboni.

Two days later we headed to the city to pick up the 1974 zamboni. While loading the zamboni a hydraulic line blew, which made loading pretty interesting, but we made it back to the valley.

Then the work began, first it was pressure washed off, brought in my shop and looked over. With volunteers spending hours and days we started stripping the paint off with scrapers and razor blades, finally it was ready to sand. While they were stripping the paint I went through the mechanical end of things and realized we needed some parts. On the phone again to local suppliers for support for parts, paint etc. It truly shows the community spirit of local businesses when they are so willing to help out.

With it finally ready for paint, we needed a painter, so off I went to Chris. He said, "You want me to paint what?"

"A Zamboni", I said.

Sure why not, my son plays shinny hockey in the rink and just loves it. Off to the paint shop, first the panels then the rest of the zamboni. When it was painted back to the shop it went. For the next week we worked tirelessly to get this project complete.

As you can see it was quite a transformation. This goes to show the community spirit in our area.

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